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The UK-Nigeria Tech Hub and Google for startups Africa have collaborated to support female technology founders with up to $3 million in Google Cloud Credits

Program Eligibility Requirements

There are two tiers under the Google Cloud Credit Programme; The Start Tier and Scale Tier.
You are encouraged to apply even if you do not fall under any of the tiers.


Ideal for beginner enterprises.
To qualify for the Start Tier, the female founded enterprise must be:

    • Founded within the last 5 years.

    • A technology Startup that is not yet funded by an institutional investor

    • Not yet received Google cloud credits (beyond the free trial)

*Bonus: Beneficiaries under the Start Tier will be eligible to apply for $100,000 USD credits once $2,000 USD is exhausted.


Ideal for established enterprises.
To qualify for the Scale Tier, the female founded Startup must have:

        • Founded their company within the last 10 years.
      • Received startup equity funding* from pre-seed to Series A
        (if Series A, raised within the last 12 months) or common Web3 funding sources.
      • Not yet received more than $4,000 in Google Cloud credits.

Programme Benefits

All applicants will become members of the UK-Nigeria Tech Hub Female Founders Community

Start Tier

Google Cloud and Firebase usage by beneficiary, they will receive:

Scale Tier

Google Cloud and Firebase usage by beneficiary to cover:

Let's start your application

Once submitted, applications are reviewed and approved for the program tier you qualify for based on the eligibility requirements above.

Your Contact Information

*Please include your country code

Your Startup’s Funding

We may reach out with a few follow up questions, or contact your investor to verify their investment.

1. Startup Equity Funding includes typical equity investment vehicles that support startup growth from accredited angel investors, Accelerator, Incubators, and Venture Capital firms. Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE) Agreements and convertible notes are accepted. To support the Web3 community, we will also be accepting verifiable token raises and blockchain foundation grants. Funding via Private Equity, government innovation grants, prize funding, crowdfunding, friends & family funding will not qualify a startup for Scale but will be evaluated for enrollment in Start.

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